Kitchen Makeovers

The idea behind a kitchen renovation is to make as much use of the kitchen hardware that you already have, such as the kitchen units, electrical, plumbing and waste connections, whilst adding new benchtops, door fronts, drawers etc to make a fabulous new kitchen

You may wish to make small changes to the layout of your kitchen, such as adding a new pantry, or moving the placement of a large appliance, such as integrated ovens or double door fridges.  This is still possible when we renovate a kitchen.  You only need to go down the entirely new kitchen route if you wish to completely change the layout of your kitchen.

Our entire range of benchtops, door fronts, handles, splash backs, and hardware such as soft close hinges and draws, pull-out baskets, bins, pull-out pantry unit etc can all be fitted into existing kitchen units, and repairs can be made to units that are slightly worn. If necessary, old units can be replaced.

1. Discuss Ideas

The first step in the renovation process is for you to discuss your ideas with us, either by asking some questions via our enquiry form, or phone number, or to arrange for one of our kitchen designers to come and visit you in your home. 

2. Measure-up and Samples

The next step would be for us to come and measure up your kitchen and for us to show you samples of the various benchtops, door fronts, etc and at this stage you can also choose colours and finishes

3. Schedule Work

Once you are happy with the quote, we can schedule in when the work can be done.  There is typically a 2-4 week lead time during which all items are made to measure for your kitchen.

4. Installation

The installation itself typically takes a day, sometimes a little more depending on the size and complexity of the work involved.

Once installed, the kitchen is ready for you to enjoy!


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